When people think of farms, they imagine large tractors plowing fields and harvesting massive crops to sell at grocery stores. Swans Trail Farms is more about family fun and adventure than getting crops to the grocery store.

We have a large variety of apples and pumpkins that you can pick from. We use our own apples to create delicious treats that you get while you’re picking apples or pumpkins. Our Washington farm fall activities are second to none, so take time to visit us before we close for the season.

Let us show you all the fun fall activities have to offer you and your Washington family.



Is there anything more enjoyable than the taste of a crisp and delicious apple? We have five acres of apple trees filled to the brim with ripe and delectable apples.

Don’t buy apples from grocery stores that are covered in wax just to make them look shiny. Come pick your own at Swans Trail farms and enjoy a family experience. Walk through our trees in the cool fall weather and take pictures as you search for the perfect apples.

Keep them at home to eat or bake them in a pie. There are so many delicious foods you can make from our apples. You don’t even have to bring any bags or containers, we’ve got everything you need.



Fall is the time of the year when Mother Nature gets ready for winter. The tree leaves turn a golden brown and our 50-acre pumpkin patch is ready for picking. Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year.

You dress up in costumes and carve pumpkins to put on your porch. Come visit our Washington pumpkin patch and find your carving pumpkin. We have them in every shape and size, so no matter what you want to do, we have something for you.

Pumpkin carving is a fun family tradition, but you can do so much with pumpkins. You can make pies or muffins from them and roast up the seeds for a tasty snack. Grab your carving pumpkins and few extras to use for cooking or other fall decorations.



Fall is a beautiful time of year. Our country store has a large variety of fall decorations to choose from as well as food and drink. If decorations aren’t your thing, then consider grabbing a caramel apple or fresh apple cider. 

Who knows what you’ll find for your home or your stomach at our country store? We pride ourselves on providing some of the best decorations and food for our guests.



Everyone likes a puzzle, and you can’t get much better than our Washington State Corn Maze. People turned shrubbery and tall bushes into elaborate mazes for centuries. The corn maze trend hit the U.S. in the early 80s.

Cornfields make the perfect maze with their straight narrow rows. We take our time and plan the perfects routes for a mix of fun and safety. You won’t get lost in our corn maze for long, but you’ll love trying all the different paths before finally finding the exit.

If you have small children and don’t want to try the big corn maze, then try our kid’s corn maze. It’s not scary at all, and they’ll love finding the exit with you. Swans Trail Farms is a place for families and children, so we craft our activities for everyone to enjoy.



No farm is complete without a large stable of animals. While most farms use these animals for food and milk, we prefer ours get petted and fed. People from places like Seattle don’t see farm animals very often. 

Bring your children to Swans Trail Farms and show them the wonders of the animal kingdom as they feed chickens and see all the wonderful animals you find on a farm. 



If you’re looking for a place to spend a day having fun without breaking the bank, then check out Swans Trail Farms. We guarantee you won’t see these fun adventures at a standard farm.

Ever tried to pit your strength against a tractor? Our tractor pull lets you and your family grab a rope and go toe-to-toe with a tractor. Who will win?

Our dump truck roller slide is fun for all ages. You’ll see a dump truck bed tipped up with rollers that let children safely slide down. Don’t forget to take pictures as they go down the slide.

Let your children play in the corn box or our 50-foot triple indoor slides. We have jumping pillows and a hay pyramid too. There is so much fun to have at Swans Trail Farms.

Little kids can’t wait to take a ride on the cow train or traverse the hay maze. Ever wonder how heavy a bale of hay actually is? Try out the hay hoist and see if you can get it all the way to the top.

There’s even a barnyard sports zone if you want to try something more physical.



Every year thousands of people visit our farm and have the time of their life. We made a mark when it comes to Washington Farm Fall Activities. We have many activities for people of all ages and come up with new ones every year. Fall is the perfect time to visit us to enjoy a few hours of apple picking or trying your hand at the barnyard sports zone.

When the leaves turn and the fruit gets ripe, it’s time to pack up the family and head out to Swans Trail Farms to find the perfect pumpkin and enjoy fresh apple cider. 

If you want to learn more about what’s going on at Swans Trail Farms, then contact us today