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The Krause Family Tradition

Swans Trail Farms has been owned and operated by the Krause family since 1984. Ben and Carol originally purchased the Staswick Dairy Farm from Sid Staswick with the intent to continue dairy farming indefinitely. They renamed it Swans Trail Farms after the area the farm is situated in.

In 1995, the Krauses added a pumpkin patch to “The Farm” and invited families to come out for pumpkins, corn, a wagon ride, and to play in the hay maze.

Two years later, in 1997, the Krause family was named Snohomish County Dairy Family of the year. To celebrate, they hosted an open house, inviting the public to visit the farm and enjoy lunch, ice cream, tours, music, and the grand opening of the now-famous Washington State Corn Maze. More than 4,000 people attended the event.

In November of the same year, Ben and Carol made the hard decision to sell their milk cows. The new mission of Swans Trail Farms was to provide visitors with a taste of farm life and an opportunity to know where their food comes from.

Over the years, the Krauses have expanded their operations to include weddings, celebrations, company picnics, and events. They also grow corn, u-pick apples, and strawberries.

Along with the herd of holsteins and produce, Ben and Carol raised their four children on the farm, instilling in each of them a love for agriculture. Each of their kids is still connected to farming. Todd, their oldest son, wife Kelley, and their five boys have a farm in Colfax, WA where they raise beef, pigs, chickens, and produce. Son Nate, his wife Kim, and their two kids live in Snohomish and are a major part of the daily operations and management of Swans Trail Farms. Nate brings a fresh perspective and new ideas to the farm. Daughter Beth bought the original Krause farmstead just down the road from Swans Trail Farms, where she and her husband are raising flowers, fruit, veggies, cows, chickens, and three farm kids. Beth and Carol have a flower farm and provide bouquets for purchase. The youngest son Curt, wife Ann, and young son are starting out their own farming journey, raising produce on Sunnyside Organic Farm in Lake Stevens, WA.

The corn stand on the farm is a local favorite, it was originally started as a way for the Krause kids to earn some money. Each of the kids ran the corn business at one time, even delivering corn to several grocery stores in the area. It helped each of them pay for their college educations and learn invaluable skills for running a business, how to work hard, and work together. The corn operation is now run by Sergio.

Ben and Carol are nearing retirement, although they are still very involved and will always help out on the farm. They are now joined in the running of the farm by their son Nate, along with good friend and next-door neighbor Dean Pakinas, and their long-time farmhand Sergio Martinez.

Although they no longer have dairy cows, Swans Trail Farms keeps lots of other farm animals such as pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, a donkey, and on occasion kittens and puppies to add to all the other activities and attractions of Swans Trail Farms.

To learn more about the history of Swans Trail Farm, come visit us and check out our timeline at the Information booth.

Farm 1955
The Farm 1955

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Dairy Family of the Year 1997

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